Critical Eleven, a Therapeutic Novel

wpid-img_20151007_135643.jpgCritical Eleven is very personal for me. It was very well written by @ikanatassa, which gave me therapeutic effect. I can relate to Anya, so I cried a lot at every single chapter.

I know how it feels when you live in different continent and different timezone with your husband. Meet for few weeks only, every few months, for years.

I know how it feels when you lost your baby, the one who can’t be hugged since his birth day.

I know how it breaks your heart when you heard of friend’s story of their pregnancy. Not because of your jealousy, but because of your loss.

I know how lonely you are, to feel the sorrow by yourself. Because you’re not having the trust to anybody, to talk about it.

I know how it feels, because I’ve experienced all of those things. I remember vividly, when I tried so hard to smile when I visit my newborn nephew, after being told that I might loss my baby. I lost the baby a week later, and dealt with the loss with my husband who went on duty thousands miles away from home.

This month is miscariage awareness. I give my heart to any mom who has gone through this. Yes, you’re a mom, with or without baby. You may find this novel as therapeutic as I do. I feel blessed after reading it.

Thank you for writing this book, Ika.


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